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Real Polished Brass 40 cal Bullet Case Tire Valve Stem Caps
Handmade in the USA using Authentic Bullets Finished by hand for quality finish and durability Compatible with all standard car and truck tire fittings Ride with Second Amendment pride with these unique tire valve stem caps. Made from once-fired brass

These come in sets of four. The stem cap is a universal cap that will fit any standard tire valve on cars, trucks, motorcycles, bikes etc.
Range Ready Ammo Box
Range Ready Ammo Box

Allows you to load your weapon swiftly No spill of Ammo Hold between 25-50 rounds depending on cal. Smooth release of ammo at range Order from drop down list to fit your caliber Box dimensions L11x H 8 1/2 X W 5 1/2 ( AMMO NOT INCLUDED )
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